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Post  LXB#1 on Wed Oct 24, 2007 7:38 pm

Here are the board rules, there are only a few so please follow them

1. No abusive Language or behaviour directed towards other forum members.

2.Please respect other people's opinions even if they differ from your own. I dont mind people disagreeing or having a debate about an issue as long as it is lighthearted and doesnt upset anybody.

3. If there is a particular celebrity you dont like then you dont have to visit their thread. Please do not go in just to annoy other people or just to write nasty statements. I'm not saying that you can only write positive comments about people but please try not to upset other forum members with your comments.

4. Please try and keep text talk to a minimum.

5. Where appropriate please credit pictures posted.

6. Please post pictures as thumbnails.

7. Some pictures you find may be appropriate for more than one thread, for example a picture of David and Victoria together could go in either the david or Victoria board. In cases like this post it in either board, it doesnt really matter which one you choose .

Thanks for talking the time to read the rules. Please feel free to introduce yourself in the correct board. I hope you will enjoy yourself here

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